We are a new and enthusiastic independent medical examination (IME) and disability evaluation booking company, specializing in Western Canada with unique insight into the requirements of evaluators, and those seeking evaluations. For over 25 years, we were on the “receiving end”, being asked to provide IME’s for various law firms and insurers, often through other booking companies. We learned what works and what could be improved, and hope to use that knowledge to provide you with superior service in a more economical climate. Clear communication is the key, but provided in a way that does not take up your valuable time. We also know the importance of meeting deadlines and answering the questions of the insurer and law firm, all in a balanced and unbiased manner.

Furthermore, at the center of our company is a strong commitment to medical research and outreach, as well as global sustenance through our charity efforts.


Dr. Mark Crossman

Dr. Mark Crossman, BSc., MD, FRCPC is a specialist in physical medicine & rehabilitation (physiatrist) with over 25 years of experience in the medicolegal and disability assessment industry. As a physiatrist, he is well-positioned to evaluate function in those with various musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Dr. Crossman is a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC and Chair of the Competence Committee for residents training in his field. He has been a recognized expert on a number of cases by the Supreme Court of BC and has been on the Medical Review Board for WorkSafeBC in the past. Dr. Crossman also has an interest in traumatic brain injury and is on the Senior Editorial Board of the Canadian Medical Association’s Fitness to Drive manual for physicians, collaborating with others in revising the traumatic brain injury chapter. Outside of work, he likes cheering for the Vancouver Canucks, long distance running, kayaking, and playing the clarinet.

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